Make Money Quick Online

Ways to Make quick money

Making money in a typical week is a thing we all strive to go out and do. Wherever it is making it by a typical 9 to 5 job route or certain amounts of marketing (i.e selling books) both on and offline the options can be endless. But what if there was an much easier way to earn money from the comforts of your home on the side?. With the betterment of technology and the introduction of the space age work at home jobs and schemes are becoming a more and more viable option. The only problem with this is so are so many scams on the web (ill come back to these in another post ) so its always vitally important to some out the real legit options from the many “phoney” ones out there. This is what has inspired me to write up this guide to you to not only tell you about a couple of legit options out there to making you money but to also make you it relatively easy and quickly.  So what are the few ways to make money relatively quickly online?

1. Signing up to popular site Qmee


Qmee is a fab little google add on which allows you to search the web completely free and get paid for it at the same time!. All you need to do is just type in a qualifying search to the google search bar ( Can be almost anything in general) and a left hand bar will appear with a list of qualifying paid results. Click on one of these and your account will be credited with the relevant paid option listed. You can generally expect to earn from anywhere between £0.02 to £0.12 per paid click with a few rarer search results paying considerably more than this,you can find out more about Qmee by viewing my separate article here.

Also to add is that if you sign up to Qmee through my referral link here you will also receive a free £0.50 on top of your first paid search result. To receive this all you have to do is type in a simple search such as “mountain bikes to the google search bar and then click on a paid result in the left Qmee bar. Once you do this click on the green cashout button in the top right hand corner and your account will be automatically credited with your paid search click result plus an extra £0.50 on top. Quite a good little starter to have!.

2. Signing up to duplicate survey sites

Taking surveys for various online companies are another great little money earner with many paying up to a couple of pounds/dollars per paid survey!. Some of the sites such as Swagbucks and Inboxpounds also offer other online money making incentives aswell such as gameplaying,video watching and searching the web. The one thing I find makes the most money is signing up with several sites. By doing this you get a wider range of surveys sent to you mostly by email. Also to add is that due to there frequency they give you the opportunity to earn and take them throughout the day whenever you like giving the perfect earn from home opportunity!.

Some of the best sites include:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Onepoll
  3. Crowdolodgy
  4. Paid to read Email
  5. InboxPounds

Most of the above also have a rewards bonus for joining. Due to the frequency of paid invitations it may also be a good idea to make a separate email which you can do very easily by clicking my link with me here. This advice tho offcourse is entirely up to you as some people may only be looking to sign up to just one or two of the above options.

3. Copy Trading (optional)


Once you start making money online from both the options above it may be worth you eventually investing some of that money into copy trades with a popular site called etoro. It basically works by you investing a small amount of money into the site and then copy trading some of the worlds best professional investors. If they then make an good investment profit then as you are copying them so will you too!. One blogger online claims he worked for just 4 hours in a month with this and made a profit of more than $1500 so really quite impressive!. To find the best copy traders I would advice you firstly to practice trading in the on site demo account (Virtual mode). By doing this you can sum out the best traders and minimize the possibility of any money loss when or if you decide to pop in any money.


Free Paid Email Reading-Review

Can you really get Free Paid Email Reading?

After hearing rumors about this I weren’t sure whether or not you really could get paid for just reading other people’s emails which I must admit did feel a bit unreal about being able to do at first. That is when I decided to investigate this.My findings?,well you really can get free paid email reading with a site called Paid To Read Email.

What is Paid To Read Email

Paid to read email is basically an ad company who benefits from consumers such as me and you to read the emails they send to us and then once read they then credit your balance with a payout. The email ads once clicked can also lead to other payment opportunities such as paid surveys of various amounts and other offers.

How much will you get?

Well this actually can vary depending on the particular email you receive tho generally you should expect a couple of cents just for clicking on the add and then another $0.50-$1.00 for completing the add/surveys.This again tho does seem to variate so you could end up getting a little bit more than this per paid offer. Paid to read email has a payout threshold of $15,so once this is easily attained will be credited straight to your paypal account.If you don’t have a paypal then it is very easy to set one up by clicking here. Also to note lastly that is if you follow my link through here then you will also get a further free $3.00 towards the threshold payout.

Who can Join?

Paid To Read Email seems to accept anyone from most countries worldwide including major ones such as the UK,Canada and Australia.

Other on site opportunities

When it comes to other on site opportunities Paid To Read Email is no exception. These include:

  • Extra on site surveys
  • Various Cash offers
  • Redeemable points for giftcards

A few really tempting options!.


Lastly I would just like to thank you for your time and really hoped you enjoyed reading my little blog review and if you have any questions at all then please feel free to comment below or send me a message at .

Paid Search Websites

Can you really get Paid Search Websites?

From time to time whether being at home or on break at work we all get bored and when we do we tend to sometimes just search the web for the sake of things. This is what got me an idea rolling with me thinking to myself well what if we could get paid whilst doing this!. I then went about doing some extensive research and found that paid search websites really were a thing with a free google browser add on called Qmee.

What is Qmee?

Well it is basically a free google add on to your web browser where if you for example type in a random search say for example you type in google “Mountain bikes” it will search for a list of relevant payed search results for you in a bar on the left hand side of the screen. If you click on one of these paid results and stay on the page for a little while (say 30 seconds) your account will be credited and then you can go back for more paid searches!. Qmee can be used on all mobile,desktop and laptop formats making it perfect for you to earn money on the go!.



How much will you get per paid click

This can variate quite a bit depending on the search tho generally you should expect to earn from anywhere between £0.02 to £0.12 per payed sponsored click. However as stated above this is only on average as a few rarer search results may pay you significantly more for example £0.50 per paid click in some instances. I have seen quite a few youtube bloggers make quite a good sub income from Qmee with a few earning in excess of £30-60 a month (roughly just under $70). The best way to maximize your chances of getting even more sponsored results is to keep your searches fairly natural as you normally would do whilst on the web.



What is the payment threshold

The greatest thing about Qmee unlike most sites is that there isnt one!. All you need to do is whenever you want a payout is to just click on the little piggy bank on the top right screen corner and click the cash out button. From here on the site gives you a few options of payment methods which are either made via your paypal,giftcard or alternatively to a charity of your choice. If you dont have a paypal then it is really easy for you to set one up and ill leave a link for you to sign up for one just here. Also to note is that if you dont want a paypal account just at this time then you can leave any earnings in your Qmee piggy bank and just keep building up your sub income until your finally ready to get one or choose an alternate option explained below.

Other on site opportunities 

As well as the site being a prime for paid web searches it also hosts a few other paid opportunities also. One of these is the option to take paid surveys which can be sent to your email,payments again vary tho probably give on average around £0.50 per survey. Another option is to refer friends from sites such as your social media accounts giving you the option to make a little profit every time you get another person to join. Lastly if you sign up to Qmee through my link then you will be credited with a free £0.50 by signing up with me here. This will be credited upon your first cashout,quite a good little amount to have even at the very start of your paid web searches!.

Real Online Income Opportunities-Build An Online Income From Scratch

Real Online Income Opportunities-Build An Online Income From Scratch

Is it really possible to build an online income?.That is the question a lot of people have been asking and after doing numerous amounts of research on the topic I can certainly tell you that it is!. These can range from both short term real online income opportunities to progressively longer ones and in my following blog ill share with you a few of each. Ill firstly start you off with a few shorter term online options.

1. online paid surveys

laptop-real online income opportunities

Such cool sites like inboxpounds and Swagbucks actually pay you for taking Surveys,gameplaying,video and web searching and much more!. The Payout given to you by Swagbucks is actually in the title itself the swagbuck!. Upon recieving a vast amount of these they can be redeemed into either real paypal money or top shop vouchers to many various major retailers including places like amazon. With this in mind it is absolutely no surprise giving that this site is so popular!  . The minimum payout with swagbucks for real money converts roughly to around £5 (roughly just under $7). Inbox pounds,the site I briefly mentioned above is another good site with it having many similar characteristics to that of swagbucks albeit just a different layout. The payments here are made to you every £20 earned and infact in my referal link below they will even pay you for joining,a site quite worth signing up for!. Another advantage with Inbox pounds is that unlike some other sites you have the ability to have the money sent straight to your bank if you dont already have paypal. Offcourse If you already do then you can just use this to your advantage duplicating sign ups to both sites making you even more money!.

Thresholds for Payout 

Swagbucks: £5

Inboxpounds: £20

2.  Paid web searches

Browser add-ons such as Qmee actually pay you for searching the web!. All you have to do is just add this completely free add on to your browser and then when you search say a sponsored result,a small side bar will appear towards the left of your screen with a list of potential site pay outs. Click on these and your account will be credited with whatever the tab says it will pay you.Payouts again can vary between as little as £0.02 to as much as £0.12 per paid search result click. I have seen some YouTube bloggers earn anywhere from between £30-£60 a month plus from just this alone tho it is to note that you do have to keep your searches fairly natural as it seems to pick up on this if you dont,for example if you just search things for the sake of it the site has been known to give out less paid results. This still tho does seem like quite a unique little add on as if you combine both the survey money and this then it can make you a nice little sub earner!.

For Qmee Click here

3. Crypto currency Investments

Just an idea of mine would be to take some of the money you’ve earned from the surveys and Qmee and then further invest them into a currency like bitcoin,Monera or etherium. Many trading platforms such as plus500 allow you to do this and for added security you can put your funds into one of the desktop wallets such as Electrum,Litecoin/Bitcoin wallet or Monero wallets found on such sites as

Longer term options

Having just that little bit more determination in an online income can really go far in opening a wider door for yourself. Unlike the quick options listed above a more longer commitment in an online income can lead to more money!.Below are a couple of ways of how to do this.

4. Affiliate Marketting

Affiliate Marketing has got to be one of the best online money making opportunities out there!. What it basically means is you build up a website,promote a said popular product and then depending upon the amount of traffic coming to your site you earn a revenue fee on whatever the traffic to your site buys via an affiliate link. To firstly do this you will need what is known as an affiliate program its not as complex as it seems I promise! with a good site for this being the amazon associates program. Once you have signed yourself up for this your more a less good to start building up your website. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to do this is with a site called Wealthy Affiliate. Here not only do they host and keep your websites for you but they also offer many online classes and training opportunities even going as far as helping you with a topic for your web site!. There are 2 types of membership here the basic (which is completely free to join) and the premium for an extra small charge. The basic membership is more for those getting used to the site and seeing what its all about giving you 2 free websites to make up and build as well as 7 days worth of free training classes. The premium membership is more for those with a tad more experience within the website and its structure giving you access to 25 free websites and all the features and training sessions the site has to offer. I can very much assure that you wont be dissapointed!

Site links:


Wealthy Affiliate:

5.  Stocks and share copy trades



Lastly sites such as eToro actually allow you to copy professional stock market traders. Basically once you log in to your eToro account there are a list of numerous professional traders on the site (gurus) which allow you to copy them at whatever they do. For example if your following trader invests in say oil and makes a good return and you copy them then so will you!. You can do these following trades several times and still make good results from it. To start copying them the site does require a minimal amount of $50-200 (roughly) although this has been known to variate quite often so its probably worth checking this within the site referral link which ill leave below. Also to note is that although this site can be very profitable it can take longer than other sites to distribute you with any gains,hence why I’ve included it in as a longer term option but with very big payouts! . If you aren’t quite there yet with sufficient funds then you can practice freely with the sites demo account (a great way to get a feel for the site and have a practice!). All in all still a very good site and probably one of the best leading ones out there.




Best Success books of all time



Illustration of a book : Free Stock Photo


Being successful is what a lot of us strive to reach out and do. This can include ways such as working towards that successful business or just wanting better ways to be successful at gaining personal wealth.The options can be endless!. I have also always said to myself and others that “There are many leads out there that will make you a success but its just finding that vital few of them”.

In my following post I am going to explain a few of the best success books of all time which include books from both building an online business to gaining personal wealth via certain habits. I will also add in some money saving tips for you.Some of the best success books of all time I have taken include books from popular site amazon.

How can you become succesful/Make a business a success?

Well looking at a lot of success books which can be viewed here an awful lot come to a similar conclusion. originally I was going to do separate reviews for each book to book but looking at a lot of books a lot agree that one of the main ways to do or achieve both of these is online marketing (promoting products online) for other companies.

This can practically be achieved with little to no experience. So its basically putting your company out there on the web for other consumers to view and then if they like what they see they buy through your link and from it you get a commision. This can also be for absolutely anything. Say for example on your site you promote cameras but someone on the same site buys something completely different say a watch then you still can benefit from the commission even if you arent selling the product directly.

This can be one of the beauties of having a passive income business!. For more information on this you can try signing up for a free account with me here.

Gaining Personal wealth and getting the right books to do this

Gaining personal wealth can be a very tricky thing for some people. This can be more so if your in an “work,spend cycle”. Offcourse having cash on you can be even harder to resist the spending and in the below I will be recommending some good books to tackle this but beforehand would like to leave with you all a few tips on ways to keep more money in your pocket.

tip 1: As hard as it may seem to spend all of your money on all those top things try firstly to just keep a small nest egg at the end of the month even if its just a few pounds spare and pop it in a jar you will notice the difference I absolutely promise!.

tip 2: Take out just the right amount of money needed for that day (or one item).This way will deter you to spend more amounts of money than needed and will help you keep as much as possible in your pocket.

tip 3: Sign up to a survey site such as swagbucks and do some online surveys and or paid web searches and recieve a free £0.50 on your first cashout for going through my link here.

A few of the best success books

As stated above with so many success and how to become rich books on amazon it was a very hard call choosing a couple of the best but with the ones I’m recommending below I feel I’ve came as close to doing this as as I can!. here are a few good ones that I’ve picked out which I’m hopeful you will all like!.

  1. Money on demand the 16 fastest ways to becoming a millionaire online.

Price: £9.55 (2018)

2.Passive Income: 25 revised passive Income ideas online.

Prices: Kindle £1.99

Paperback £10.99


Passive Income: 25 Proven Business Ideas FOR ANYONE To Generate Passive Income Streams Online (Revised 2018 Edition) (Passive Income Ideas, Passive income, Passive Income Books) by [Atwood, Mark]

I would lastly just like to thank you all for your time in reading my blog and can only hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!. If you have any more questions or queries then feel very free to drop me a message either in the comment section below or at my email at and I will be very sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

All the very best,

James Shelton.

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An insight to why I created this

Hello my name is James and I’d firstly like to say a big thankyou in you for taking an interest in my site (one of my first so a little scary and probably not the best I know!) and to also give you a bit of an insight of why I decided to create it and what its all about!:

Why I built this site

Well it all started off in the summer of 2017 when I was on my computer researching things like how to be successful and how to build a subsidiary income on the internet when I came across a website directing me to take online surveys. I took up opportunity to these and joined thinking how great to earn online from home!. I was probably earning an average of £0.56 per one survey thinking to myself well its not great but that some money is better than none money right?.Tho if only there was a more longer term opportunity out there. It was from here on that I started doing more online research and found a great range of options ranging from affiliate marketing to books and guides to becoming a success. I thought to myself the books maybe I could buy and learn from but affiliate marketing,nah sounds way to complex and out of my league until I did a bit more further research on the topic and started watching some YouTube videos. By doing this I saw just how easy it really could be and what I saw was that by recommending products from popular sites like amazon and clickbank it was making some bloggers quite an substantial income with one guys income into the millions,yes you read write millions!.

It was from here on I thought to myself well maybe I wont ever be a millionaire but maybe I could share and help others along the way with my findings in building an online income and that maybe I could also try recommending a few things to people too!. I then did a little bit more research again on how to build up blogs and websites for my new brainwave and came across a site called Wealthy Affiliate which by the sites description deemed substantially amazing!.

With little knowledge and experience I signed up there with a free membership account and I found it offered many in depth video classes and training opportunities as well as the chance to ask in the community there for any help that was needed. With me lacking a lot of confidence I really don’t think I would of been here writing my blog to you today and really carnt seem to thank them enough for the help and confidence boasts they have given me. If I can ill try post in a link to the site which has been really helping me out and would lastly like to thankyou all again for your time in reading my blog and hope you all enjoy some of my sites content.

Many Kind regards and best wishes,